Four-Footed Pet Sitting and Dog Walking LLC (FFPS) is based in Dover, NH.


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FFPS’s coverage includes: Dover, Somersworth, Rollinsford, Durham, Madbury, Lee, Barrington, and Rochester.

Newly Expanded Region Includes: Portsmouth Area, Newmarket, Greenland, Exeter, and Newfields.

We enjoy serving the personal needs of owners and their pets on two tiers:

First, we enable vacationing families to leave pets in their home environment. The pets are less stressed, living at home and owners can direct individualized care for each animal.

Second, for the 9 to 5 schedule, we provide a midday walk, feeding, and additional needs, personally substituting as caregiver for the visit period. Puppy owners have also found our services supportive in housebreaking, socialization, and basic training.

We are thrilled to offer such a great service!

Results happen: Puppies potty-train quicker, shy or fearful dogs gain confidence, and they are happily tired when their owners return home. What is the best thing about this service? You can be sure that your animal is thriving in their own environment, without stresses caused from new foods, strange noises/smells, or changed routines.

We act as your replacement when you are away.

Why Choose FFPS?

 –  Year Round Coverage (365 days)

 –  Extensive Experience and Education:

 –                                                        12 Years in Business

 –                                                        Animal Science Degree

 –                                                        Obedience Ring winner and training judge

 –  Any Weather (all 4WD or AWD vehicles) we’re there